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This page contains links to all currently available online support materials for  STC'd Fuel Belly Drains.


Check your serial number to confirm which model of Belly Drain is the correct one for your airplane.
When you click one of the links below, the file should open in your web browser as an Adobe Acrobat PDF. If you are unable to open the files with your web browser, try right clicking the link (Windows) or control clicking the link (Mac) and "Save Target As..."  then save the file to your local computer (we recommend saving to your desktop to keep things simple.) You should then be able to open the file with the free Adobe Acrobat reader. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, you can download a free copy here.

The FAA now requires a Letter of Authorization from the STC holder before installing any STC modification.

MT101 Letter of Authorization

MT101-1 Letter of Authorization

MT101 Maintenance for Continued Airworthiness

MT101-1 Maintenance for Continued Airworthiness

View or download MT101 installation instructions. These includes the FAA 337 paperwork filing requirements.
View or download MT101 supplemental instructions, and maintenance instructions for continued airworthiness. These include recommendations for solving leaks, and part#'s for the fuel sample drain assembly, and approved replacement O rings.
View or download The FAA Supplemental Type Certificate for the MT101.
View or download an  example of a Belly drain approved 337 form in Adobe PDF format. Note that all text unique to the example is shown in red.

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